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Treason in Huddersfield

Police destroy evidence of Neil Gilpins abuse from laptop

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Before Gilpins conviction, I had prepared a statement to take to the police. However, due to a long-term illness, I was forced to stop working on the report and take a nap. The report was stored in a laptop, in the empty building where Andrew Kelly and myself had been forced to flee, after being taken to court and evicted WITHOUT BEING INFORMED FIRST by corrupt officials who saw to it that we would receive no mail.
During the preparation of my report, whilst taking a short rest, I was awakened by a huge commotion – a crooked police officer had physically climbed the ivy outside my bedroom and was climbing in through the window! He’d got stuck part way through and collapsed on the floor, however he quickly regained his footing – and then he physically booted my laptop!
At this time, I managed to get my phone camera working, and began arguing with them, as they nattered away – on a MOBILE PHONE – whilst going on the rampage around the building!

I have more videos of the police acting suspiciously – and I’ll be posting these in chronological order, in the coming weeks.

Incidentally, the same officers threatened me again, a few years later – neither of them had been promoted since this time, after my publishing their identities on youtube, and how they sabotaged evidence pertaining to a now-convicted sex abuser.

This video shows the postal worker, Mark Gilbert, hiding the mail –
including a court summons!
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