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Jeremy Corbyn's friends in Hezbollah and HAMAS RSS

Jeremy Corbyn, “Tomorrow night it will be MY PLEASURE & MY HONOUR to host an event IN PARLIAMENT where our FRIENDS from HEZBOLLAH will be speaking. I have also invited FRIENDS from HAMAS to speak as well.”

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“I’m as likely to support Jeremy Corbyn as I am to support Enoch Powell”

Jewish Labour activists talk about why they no longer feel welcome in the party

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Heres what ex IRA leader turned informer, Sean O’Callaghan, had to say about Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell's roll as 'peace negotiators.'

"They never wanted peace, they supported the armed struggle & were nothing to do with the peace process!"

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Diane Abbott confirms that Corbyn's Labour Party support Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Organisations. So blatant now.

Vote Labour if you support Jihadists 🙄 #NeverLabour #NeverCorbyn

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