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Hello and thanks for visiting my homepage.


I am a developer from West Yorkshire, UK;  I’m also an activist for animal rights and peace.

Also, I have a reputation for tracking child sex abusers and bringing them to justice; however I never go out looking for online offenders, nor do I try to catch them myself – I can’t stand child abuse because it makes me suffer from mental illness whereby I will try to hurt the perpetrators to make them stop what they are doing.

The best thing one can do when faced with an illegal or semi-legal website of child abusers is to report that site to CEOPs; most times when I do this, the site is gone the next day.

Another hobby of mine, as a programmer, is Internet Marketing; if you are into this subject, please join my mailing list below.

Let’s hope that you enjoy my website and come back for more!



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I hearby confess to the takedown of operation ore. Operation ore was a police op designed to catch online paedophiles by setting up a phoney website selling illegal DVDs of child pornography.  Banner ads where placed on a number of adult sites to send traffic to the phoney site. This is all well and good, […]